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Chapel of Saint Roch

The Chapel of San Roque, located in Campo de San Roque near Tineo, Asturias, is a place of great historical significance on the Primitive Way to Santiago de Compostela. Although its foundation is attributed to San Roque himself, it is more likely that it was built by French pilgrims in the 12th century. Remodeled on several occasions, it retains Romanesque elements such as barrel vaults and buttresses, and a semicircular arched door. Its importance lies in being the starting point of the Route to the Sierra de Tineo and Stage 4 of the Primitive Way, established by Alfonso IX in the thirteenth century as a mandatory step towards Compostela.

In addition, its location in the middle of the Jacobean route makes it an emblematic site for pilgrims, who can find there a fresh water fountain known as the Fountain of the Muses. The chapel, together with its natural surroundings and its history linked to the Camino, attracts pilgrims and visitors, being a place of spiritual and cultural importance in the region of Asturias.

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    San Roque St, 116-117, Tineo, Asturias
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    Ancient chapel


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