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Chapel of Christ of the Afflicted

The chapel of Santo Cristo de los Afligidos, located in La Pereda, is a small shrine dating from the fifteenth century and is an important landmark on the Primitive Way to Santiago de Compostela. This humble rectangular hermitage stands out for its main facade, where a linteled doorway flanked by arrow slits and a small window above it open. A belfry with a single semicircular arch rises perpendicular to the facade, adding a distinctive element to its structure. In its interior, covered with wooden armor, an altar is preserved, testimony of the devotion that has persisted over the centuries in this place of pilgrimage.

The chapel of the Christ of the Afflicted is more than a simple shrine; it is a symbol of the harshness of the pilgrimages to Santiago during medieval times. Moreover, its restoration in 1994, carried out by the Regional Ministry of Culture, the Tineo Town Council and the Astur Galaica del Camino del Interior association, highlights its importance in the Jacobean route. The nearby meadows, known as Francés and Hospital, allude to the Camino and the Pilgrims’ hospital that served until the 18th century, adding a relevant historical context to this spiritual meeting place on the Primitive Way.

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    La Pereda, Asturias
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    Tiny chapel, sundial


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