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Basilica of Saint Lawrence outside the Walls

The Basilica of San Lorenzo Outside the Walls, located on Rome’s Via Tiburtina, emerges as a place of profound spiritual and cultural significance. Built on the site where Constantine I erected a modest oratory in honor of the martyr St. Lawrence, this church has witnessed the evolution of Christianity over the centuries. The fusion of two distinct churches, one from the 6th century and the other from the 13th century, around the tomb of St. Lawrence, as well as the presence of the relics of St. Stephen, give this place a revered importance in the Christian faith. Moreover, its architecture, marked by cosmatesque elements and unique artistic details, reflects the historical continuity and devotion to the martyrs resting inside.

The basilica, although less famous than other great Roman churches, is not lacking in beauty and significance. Its interior, adorned with 13th century frescoes and a tabernacle signed by 12th century Roman marble workers, invites reflection and spiritual contemplation. Over the centuries, it has withstood the passage of time and the ravages of war, being restored with respect for its historical heritage. More than just a religious building, the Basilica of San Lorenzo Outside the Walls is a symbol of the Christian faith rooted in Rome’s history, a reminder of the strength and perseverance of those who sacrificed their lives for their beliefs, and a place where visitors can connect with the divine and the eternal.

  • Address
    Piazzale del Verano 3, Rome, Italy
  • Web
  • Visiting Hours
    Everyday from 7:30 to 12:00 and from 16:00 to 18:30
  • What to see
    Basilica, tomb of St Lawrence

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