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Temple of San Francisco

The Temple of San Francisco, located in Cochabamba, is a National Monument dating from 1581, with subsequent reconstructions and remodeling that reflect different architectural styles. Originally Renaissance, it now has a single nave with side altars and a ribbed vault. Its bell tower and façade have been rebuilt in neoclassical style. Inside, there is an altarpiece carved in gilded wood with nine places for images of saints and a pulpit also in gilded wood. The two-story wooden cloister preserves an old library with works in Latin and Spanish from the 16th to the 18th centuries.

This temple, with its rich history and varied architectural styles, is a jewel of Bolivian cultural heritage. In addition to its impressive architecture, the Temple of San Francisco houses a literary treasure in its old library, consisting of more than a thousand volumes from the 16th and 18th centuries. Its importance as a National Monument highlights its historical significance and its value as a cultural reference point in Cochabamba.

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    25 de Mayo St 165, Cochabamba (Bolivia)

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    Library, church

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