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Belmont fortress (Tel Yzuva)

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    Tzuva, Israel

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    Always open
  • What to see
    Ruins of Crusader castle


Belmont (“the beautiful mountain”) is the remains of a Crusader citadel located on top of Tel Tzuba that is identified with the Biblical settlement of Tzuba, mentioned in the Bible as the place of residence of Yigal ben Nathan (one of the heroes of King David (2 Samuel, chapter 23, 16).

The citadel was built between 1140 and 1160 AD. by the Knights Hospitallers and occupied by Saladin in 1197. It served as a fortress but also as a place of passage on the pilgrimage route to Jerusalem. Tel Tzuba had previously been inhabited from the time of the First Temple 586-1000 B.C. to the Byzantine period 324-638 AD.

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