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Pilgrims Destination Point

  • Address
    Dooneen, Co. Kerry, Ireland
  • Web
  • Visiting Hours
    Always Open
  • What to see
    End of Cnoc na dTobar

This is the end of the Cnoc na dTobar, an ancient pilgrimage route with roots in Celtic celebrations of the harvest god Lúgh. The climb to the summit culminates at the Pilgrim Destination Point, where an altar stands next to a cross, offering pilgrims a meaningful place to reflect and celebrate the connection between pre-Christian Celtic traditions and contemporary Christian spirituality.

At the Pilgrim Destination Point at Cnoc na dTobar, pilgrims experience the convergence of pagan and Christian history. The presence of an altar, cross and Stations of the Cross provides a sacred space for contemplation, blending ancient Celtic celebrations with Christian devotion. This destination symbolizes spiritual continuity through the centuries, making Cnoc na dTobar a site of profound significance for those seeking a unique pilgrimage experience.

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