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Monastery of San Benedetto in Monte

The Monastery of San Benedetto in Monte, located in southeastern Umbria near the town of Nursia, Italy, is a male Benedictine community that follows the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite and the Divine Office in its traditional form. Known for their beer production and their successful album of Gregorian chant, the monks have excelled in the preservation of the liturgy and monastic culture. Founded in 1998 by Father Cassian Folsom, this monastery experienced tragedy in 2016 when an earthquake partially destroyed the basilica and monastery in Norcia. However, the monks have rebuilt in a new location, keeping alive their ancient monastic tradition.

Daily life in the monastery is centered on prayer and contemplation, following the Rule of St. Benedict. The monks pray the Divine Office in Latin and celebrate daily Holy Mass in the traditional form of the Roman Rite. In addition to their prayer life, the monks also engage in the production of beer, known as “Birra Nursia,” as an expression of their labor and as a means of sharing the joy and goodness of creation with the world. Through their perseverance and dedication, the Monks of Norcia continue to be a beacon of spirituality and hope in the region, inspiring many with their witness of faith and hard work.

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    Via delle Case Sparse 164, Norcia Italy
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    New Monastery, Brewery


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