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Hermitage of St Lazarus

The hermitage of San Lázaro, located on the Primitive Way near Castro, is a place of historical importance on the pilgrim’s route. Founded in the 16th century, this hermitage served the old leper colony of San Lázaro, which was in operation until the 17th century under the dependence of the Collegiate Church of Grandas. Rebuilt in 1689, the small chapel has a design with a laterally closed portico, semicircular apse and a small bell tower. Inside, there is a singular altarpiece presided over by a curious image of its patron saint, San Lázaro. The hermitage is a point of interest for pilgrims on the Primitive Way, recalling the historical importance of the care of the sick during the medieval pilgrimage.

Images courtesy GuiaVisualdelCaminoPrimitivo

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    Aldea Padraira, 4A, Padraira, Asturias
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