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Croagh Patrick

  • Address
    Glaspatrick, Co. Mayo, Ireland
  • Web
  • Visiting Hours
    Always open
  • What to see
    Church on the top of the mountain


Croagh Patrick, an imposing peak in Ireland, holds a deep historical and spiritual legacy. Linked to the Tochar Phadraig, it played a crucial role in St. Patrick’s mission to bring Christianity to the edge of the known world. The ancient chariot road, connecting Rathcroghan to the summit, paved the way for St. Patrick’s journey, establishing a route of spiritual significance. Croagh Patrick, or Cruachán Aigle, symbolizes the intersection of pagan traditions and the introduction of Christianity, as it remembers also the King’s ancient journey, seeking spiritual enlightenment and participating in the annual festival of Lughnasa.

The tradition of climbing Croagh Patrick on the last Sunday in July, known as “Reek Sunday,” has persisted for centuries. Pilgrims ascend the mountain as an act of devotion, often barefoot, following in the footsteps of St. Patrick’s spiritual journey. The summit offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and the Atlantic Ocean, adding to the spiritual experience. The connection between Croagh Patrick and St. Patrick’s life enhances its importance, making it a revered pilgrimage destination and a symbol of Irish religious heritage.

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