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Co-cathedral of St Maria Argentea

The Co-cathedral of Santa Maria Argentea is one of the main places of Catholic worship in Norcia, along with the Basilica of St. Benedict. Originally built on the site of a Roman fortress, the ancient cathedral was remodeled in the Romanesque style in the 10th-11th centuries and then converted into a parish church. In the 16th century, however, it was demolished to make way for a new church adjacent to the fortress, erected between 1556 and 1570.

Over the centuries, the co-cathedral suffered numerous destructions due to recurrent earthquakes in the region. After the collapse of the Gothic bell tower in the 18th century, it was rebuilt in the neoclassical three-aisle style, preserving only the baptistery of the original Renaissance building. Tragically, the co-cathedral was severely damaged by the October 30, 2016 earthquake, resulting in the partial collapse of its structure. Its distinctive facade features a neoclassical elevation with a triangular pediment and a circular rose window above. The interior, also in neoclassical style, houses several works of art, including a carved wooden crucifix by Giovanni Tedesco, dated 1494.

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    Piazza Duomo,  Norcia, Italy
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