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Church of Saint Mary

The church of Santa María in Lago, belonging to the Asturian village of Allande, was built in the 18th century over a previous building and renovated in 1997. This rectangular church has a single nave and a side chapel attached. Its chevet is straight and has a portico at the foot. In its interior, an altarpiece of rococo style stands out. This place is a reference point for pilgrims traveling the Camino, and it is common to find a Corpus Christi table nearby, where prayers are said.

Next to the church is a thousand-year-old yew tree, a protected national monument. This sacred tree, revered by the Celts, has been incorporated into Christian tradition as a symbol of eternity and the transcendence of death, and is commonly found near hermitages, churches and cemeteries in Asturias.

Images courtesy GuiaVisualdelCaminoPrimitivo

  • Address
    Lugar Lago, 12, Asturias
  • Web
  • Visiting Hours
    Always open
  • What to see
    Church, yew tree


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