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Church of Holy Trinity

The Church of the Holy Trinity in Alcalá de Ebro is an outstanding example of Italian-influenced Baroque architecture, built in the last third of the 17th century by the ninth dukes of Villahermosa, lords of Alcalá. Its exterior design, characterized by a brick façade with giant pilasters, two imposing bell towers and a curved pediment, highlights its magnificence. Inside, it has a Greek cross plan with a dome on pendentives in the transept and barrel vaults in the arms and presbytery. The white stuccoes and the altarpieces, such as the Holy Trinity and St. Anthony of Padua, enrich its decoration.

This church, located in the center of Alcalá de Ebro next to the Plaza de España, stands out for its architectural uniqueness and its valuable artistic heritage. In addition to its impressive exterior features, such as the bell towers and the articulated facade, its interior surprises with a Baroque decoration of Italian inspiration and outstanding furnishings, such as the Virgin of Sorrows and the Altarpiece of San Antonio de Padua. The Church of the Holy Trinity is a cultural treasure that reflects the historical and artistic richness of the region, attracting visitors and faithful alike.

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    Don Antonio Lasierra St 6, Alcalá de Ebro, Zaragoza
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    Altarpiece of St Anthony of Padua

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